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We will train you to be the most important person in someone's life! Get defense training--Concealed weapons Permit, First Aid, Self Defense


Veterans in crisis or concerns about one: free & confidential Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 & Press 1 or send a text to 838255

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My father, Willis Boyd Shearer, USMC, took his life at 41 years old. I was 8 years old. He was a Vietnam Era Veteran. He served in Okinawa. Veteran suicide has effected everyday of my life since 1982. In 2013 the number of Veteran Suicides averaged 22 a day. We have to come together and reduce this number drastically. 

Halt 22 is aimed at providing crisis information, sharing ways to communicate with fellow Veterans, and saving lives. I am a U.S. Army, Combat Veteran of the Iraq war, and I want to be a part of stopping these needless deaths. 

"Halt" is a command that service members are taught in Basic Training for the purpose of guard duty. To protect soldiers from the enemy, the Armed Forces uses Challenge and Passwords. The challenge and password is a time tested approach to differentiate friend from enemy. Hopelessness and thoughts of self-harm are the enemy. We must challenge it. 

We must provide hope. One way you can provide hope is to let Veterans know that you appreciate their service and that they matter to you. Another way is to make efforts to share the message to the rest of the world. Veterans Matter #Be There

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Halt 22 is effort by Jeremy Shearer and Casper Carry Safe LLC to provide hope to Veterans by showing them we care.

Speak out to Veterans. Thank them for their service. Spread the word? Veterans Matter #Be There


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Free Hunter's Education


We give back to the community by offering free WGFD sectioned Hunter's Education classes 12 hours Casper Evansville Mills

Wilderness First Aid $250


Get trained to aid others in remote settings. 16 Hours cpr first aid Casper Evansville Mills

CPR and AED $50


Get trained to assist someone in sudden cardiac arrest 2-3 Hours cpr first aid cpr classes Casper Evansville Mills

Basic First Aid $50


Learn to help other basic needs during an sudden illness to injury. cpr first aid cpr classes Casper Evansville Mills

Concealed Weapons $100


Concealed weapons training defense training Casper Evansville Mills

Self Defense


Situational awareness, Balance Displacements, and striking defense training Casper Evansville Mills

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